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Providing a Range of 
Software Development Services at Affordable Cost.

Nowadays we see more and more IT services taking leading roles in companies. A smart mobile app or software can boost your business, a well developed website can really enhance the image of your organization even a cool game can make your employees happy. This is where we come…

Imagine all those benefits offered to you at competitive rates. Our services are priced low not because we do our jobs poorly but we want to fulfill as many dreams as possible including ours!


Web Development

Our services provide the latest trends in Website UX and UI design via WordPress platform or any programming languages such as Angular, React , Laravel and many more. 


Mobile app Development

We deliver high performance mobile apps in all popular platforms ( IOS, Android, Windows..)

Software Development

Custom software applications that help your  business growth & revenue. We are here to make your ideas reality.

About Us & Why We are

The Best For the Job

Avksoft is a newly formed company. What that means? We are young, ready to “hunt” , ready to program  and make your big dream coming true at low cost! You don’t have a specific plan on your mind just yet, but you know one thing for sure; you want to upgrade your small business and turn it into a big bad wolf! We are here with many different ideas crazy and not!  Contact us or request a quote and we will make the impossible possible together.



London, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom

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